About Us

The Problem:

One day we discovered there was a significant disconnect in the music industry between the artists and the songwriters and producers. We came across countless artists looking for great producers and songwriters and vice versa, but there was nothing to bridge the gap.

Established musicians usually tell stories of their success, about how they were in the right place at the right time, or they “knew a guy who knew a guy”. This got us thinking: What if we created that “right place” and “right time”? What if we were “that guy” that you knew?

The Solution:

The Drop

The Drop is the first music platform of its kind, showcasing the talents both on and off the stage. This one-of-a-kind platform showcases artists, producers and songwriters and consists of three key elements:

Watch, Pitch and Party.

Ready to find out more?

Watch: Every month we select 4 amazing artists to perform at our showcase. The Showcase is a chance for you to kick back, relax and enjoy live performances from some of the best artists accompanied by a live band.

Pitch: This is the most important part of all; producers and songwriters have the chance to submit demos for the projects of those 4 artists each month. All you have to do is check the tipsheet (insert hyperlink) to find the artists’ project briefs, create the records that you think would be suitable for their project, and send us your best effort. Our A&R will then listen to all the submissions, and will hand the very best ones to the artists.

Party: The Party will kick off as soon as the showcase finishes, with some of the UK’s finest DJs on the decks. This is a chance for you to get down on the floor, socialise and network with those “guys who know a guy”.

Watch. Pitch. Party.

Get involved! ;)