Diives – Anxiety

Aug 11, 20170 CommentsMusic News

Anxiety is the debut single from Diives, an act with plenty to say and plenty of new ways to say it.

Hailing from an area with little or no opportunities for the young people that live there, Anxiety is a reflection of Diives’s passion for expression and belief that music can bring hope and change. “People are finally talking about anxiety, depression and other mental health problems and this track was written to share some personal experiences on the subject.

The song has a raging undercurrent because when anxiety takes control it is unbelievably frustrating! The line ‘When the night’s bleed into a long old year or so…’ was in relation to waking up one day and realising that a big chunk of life was missing because of anxiety. You can feel a lot of guilt for not making any positive moves when you’re feeling anxious, but people should feel good that they’re reaching out to people, getting the help they need and looking after themselves. All the other stuff can come later.”

To define is to limit and Diives prefers to let the music do the talking. But if you want an idea of what to expect from Anxiety and other tracks due for release in 2017, think contemporary grime passing through angsty indie and occasionally landing in urban balladry. This is truly music set to change the urban landscape forever.

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