Sound: Dark, vibesy, relaxed beats (Jhene Aiko/Stacy Barthe vibe but more synthy) mixed with ‘banging’ beats (Brandy/Sbtrkt type heavier r’n’b) stuff that makes you have that ‘smells like doodoo’ face. Lyrics with meaning. She tends to prefer music without too much going on; focus can be on lyrics and melody/rhythm. So relatively minimal sounding.

Newer artists she likes that are out at the moment and would like to have a similar buzz to: Kat Dahlia. Jhene Aiko. Stacy Barthe. Janelle Monae.

Andrea really likes Brandy’s last album, the writing was pretty simplistic for the most part which she appreciates, and liked the sounds they used. Put it Down is a great reference for more uptempo stuff, it’s fun and fresh sounding and is definitely the type of sound Andrea is looking for.

Brandy- Wildest Dreams:

Brandy- Slower:

Brandy- Put it Down:

Brandy- What You Need: (everything but the verses here)

Brandy- Paint This House: (For the beat and the chorus)

Andrea likes Sbtrkt and Sampha’s work together; she feels it’s so idiosyncratically British but still really R’n’B, which is where she has a vision to create. Their stuff is a bit more to the ‘left’, but still the concept is the same. A blend of this and the other American artists would be perfect for Andrea.

Sbtrkt ft. Little Dragon- Wildfire:

Sbtrkt ft. Sampha- Hold On: (this is more housey tempo- be nice to incorporate a bit of this)

Sbtrkt ft. Sampha- Trials of the Past: (this beat is a bit similar to a song I made called Sweetest Sin, love that warpy type sound)

Jhene Aiko- My Mine: Lyrics, meaning, and writing style and melody. Simplicity but beautiful

Jhene Aiko- You vs Them:

Jhene Aiko- Stranger:

Stacy Barthe- Drink my Pain Away:

Stacy Barthe ft. Frank Ocean- Without You:

Andrea loves Stacy as an artist all around but the production here is more akin to what she’d be after.


Frank Ocean- Novacane:

Justin Timberlake- My Love:

Other artist references would be Aaliyah and Teedra Moses.

Looking for: Toplines, Instrumentals, Instrumentals with hooks.

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